SGBC Deacon Family Ministry

deacon family ministry

The Deacon Family Ministry is focused on the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of each church family.

What Does the Deacon Family Ministry Do?

It provides for pastoral ministries when the pastor is away.
It provides ministry to the pastor’s family.
It discovers and ministers to families in crisis.
Through the Deacon Family Ministry, deacons set an example that often encourages others to become involved in ministry.
Because the ministry plan assigns responsibility by geographical area, it is a natural outreach vehicle for newcomers to the community.
It provides an opportunity for personal witnessing to the family members under the deacon’s care.
It provides a means to assimilate families in to the church’s fellowship.
It communicates the church’s mission and program.

Contact Your Deacon

Each SGBC family is assigned to a deacon. If you need the support of our deacon ministry you can look up your deacon using this list.