Family Ministries

A big part of Shady Grove’s heartbeat is to be a family to your family. We want to be in your life to celebrate pray for your struggles, bear your burdens, and celebrate God in your victories. While families vary in size and makeup, families are meant to be a foundational support and are God’s primary plan for discipleship. We want to build relationships with your family through the ministries below.


Shady Grove Kids is here to partner with you in the big job of raising your kids to love God and others. We are committed to teaching kids the enormous love that God has for them through environments and relationships that are safe and fun. We also work to equip and support you for discipling your family.

Nursery is available for babies and toddlers through age 3 during Sunday School and worship gatherings. Our nursery team is composed of loving individuals who are committed to proactively caring for those entrusted to them.

Kids are dismissed to Shady Grove Kids each Sunday just before the sermon in the sanctuary. A teacher will be easily visible in the front of the room and ready to walk with them back to a time of teaching designed just for them. Additionally, we offer several activities throughout the year specifically for kids to teach them the importance of worshiping God, loving each other, and serving like Jesus.

Please do not hesitate to send any questions you have about Shady Grove Kids to the address below.


Teenage years can provide some of life’s best memories. They can also introduce some really tough challenges to a student’s faith. Shady Grove Students wants to be a relational community for your students, one that is part of the great memories, supportive in the tough challenges, and present for everything in between. We strive to help students cultivate a trust in God that is strong enough to sustain them in healthy faith for the life ahead.

Students will find mature adults who are down to earth leading them during Sunday School on Sunday mornings. These leaders are intentional about being an encouragement in students’ everyday lives and pointing them to Jesus.

Be on the lookout for info on our next hangout opportunity and let us know how we can help your student.


God designed faith in Jesus to be lived out with others. To try to live faithfully without deep relationships is not only hard, it is impossible.

Regardless of your age or stage of life, Sunday School is a great place for you to find friends for your faith journey. While the title Sunday School emphasizes the awesome opportunity to learn from God in the scriptures, our classes are about much more than teaching and head knowledge. We are always working to grow in being groups that truly know and support each other, groups that know God experientially by seeing Him active in and through each other.

Let us know how we can make connecting to a class as easy as possible for you.