About Us

Shady Grove Baptist Church is a great place to be!

Three things about us that I hope encourage you to visit.

First, we have a group of people who strive to love God with all their hearts. I believe that every person who professes Christ as their Savior will feel at home here. We certainly are not without shortcomings, but our goal in all that all we do, is to please Him and not ourselves. Our guiding question should be, “Is He pleased?”
Second, I believe the people here strive to practice the biblical admonition of our Lord to “Love one another.” This practice is the true mark of any church. We pray that those who come, leave our church having experienced a difference because of the presence of the living Lord and the kind of love He embodies.
Third, we strive to reach our community, country, and world. We have a commission to share, and we understand we must adapt our methods while keeping our message constant in order to reach others. We do not want to be strapped in by un-biblical traditions or yoked to the “we’ve never done it that way before” mentality. Jesus, Himself, had to leave the organized places of worship in order to reach the people, and we pray that we are able to follow His example. A church who is more concerned about its own comfort, pleasure, and ways will never please the Lord or demonstrate His love to others. It takes selfless people for a Church to grow, and I believe that is what Shady Grove Baptist Church is about.
We’re excited that you visited online today. Look around and learn more about us. If you are considering attending a service, you can find the most frequently asked questions here. If you need support and prayer, call us at 903.454.4124.

Come join us!

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James Ralston

Amazed by Grace,

Dr. James Ralson

Pastor – SGBC